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“Asque The Blaquesmith”

Featuring Alisia Moutry
Now live every first saturday of the month at 11:30 AM.

The purpose of the show is to help provide our community with information on various self-help topics. For years, far too many people, especially African-Americans, have failed to realize the potential help that the mental health community can provide. Some of the reasons were valid, some were not. For example, many would not attend because we were told ‘that is for weak people” or when we do go, we had a hard time relating to the clinicians that provided the service. And, sometimes, it was purely a financial or transportation issue. This show will provide information that will be relevant, in a discreet setting, and for free!

We welcome your comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions for future shows.
The show will be pre-taped; however, on some occasions we will go LIVE. At this time we will answer questions submitted to our email address and questions from callers live on the air.

The show will be aired in the North Shore and Milwaukee Community TV districts. These stations are on MATA Community Media (Channels 14 and 96 on Milwaukee Time Warner Cable). Actual episodes can be purchased from MATA, they can be reached online at
Episode #1 The Comeback Kid Part I

Episode #2 The Comeback Kid Part II

Episode #3 Why People Resist Change

Episode #4 Depression and the Holidays

Episode #5 The Children are Crying (special guests Muhibb Dyer and Kwabena A. Nixon).

Episode #6 Play the Game (LIVE)

Episode #7 The Art of Forgiveness

Episode #8 When Hip Hop Grows Up Part I (With Special guests Khalio and Cameron Borum)

Episode #9 The Evolution of a Relationship.

Episode #10 The Prison Industrial Complex: Slavery for the New Millennium (Special Guests: Doc Smith’s Class from Springfield College.

Episode #11 Financial Stress Relief ( with special guests Mark Scholz and James Schrimpf)

Episode #12 What’s so Special about Special Education (featuring Dr. Festus E. Obiakor)

Episode #13 Mind Body and Soul

Episode #14 Black in Milwaukee (featuring Derrick Rogers)

Episode #15 Strategies for Single Mothers (featuring Daphne Johnson)

Episode #16 Dealing with Trauma (featuring Dr.Michael P.A. Hagan)

Episode #17 Timeless Solutions for Parents

Episode #18 The Burden of Being Great

Episode #19 Stop Making the Same Mistakes

Episode #20 Black is Beautiful

Episode #21 I Need Financial Help (featuring Stella Borum, Mark Sholz, and Mikal Gilliat)

Episode 22: Meet the Candidates (with ReDonna Rodgers and Dr. Peter Blewett)

Episode 23: How to deal with DEATH

Episode 24: Gone too Soon- Youth and Suicide

Episode 25: The Commencement Show (With K. Obiakor and D. DeLoach)

Episode 26: How to Get and Stay Physically Fit (With Horace Craft, Jr.)

Episode 27: Black Mental Health (with Edgar Jordan, Ph.D., Khyana Pumphrey, Ph.D., and Hillary Wynn, M.D.)

Episode 28: Saving Our Girls featuring Julie Borum

Episode: 28 Getting Ready for School featuring: Dr. Darrell Williams and Shawn Sprewer

Episode: 29 Building Strong Relationships featuring Phil and Adrienne Woods

Episode: 30 Communicating with TJ featuring Tyrene Jackson

Episode: 31 The Art of Effective Communication

Episode: 32 Precious Children: Childhood Abuse and Neglect


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