Beware the Idea of March

This is a day notoriously known as a day of Bad luck. I don’t know if I believe that. However, with this Corona Virus (COVID-19) declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) we need to be aware of what is going on around us.

In America, the Pandemic is greeted by partisan politics where elected officials are not on speaking terms and have failed their constituency with their delayed actions on a crisis no one took extremely serious.

And, because of this laissez-faire environment from the government the people are ignorant and acting in a manner that shows a disregard to the public health of all citizens. We have closed sporting seasons and schools, but keep all other non-essential businesses open. The cry is, we can’t close. People need their money. People need their checks.

But, instead of thinking about a system where the average person can’t miss paychecks we keep jobs open so they can survive. This is the ultimate Catch 22. It appears people are forced to be evicted and have no food or be at risk for exposure to a virus that the medical professionals can’t fully explain or cure.

In a society where Me is almost always over We, we see selfishness and a disregard for our fellow man. Maybe, this type of pandemic will have us review basic things like: 1) our federal budget allotment to public health organizations; 2) the gross income inequality that has caused lives to be at risk because of what closures would mean to the average family; 3) the dysfunctional government that has been behind from the beginning and is unable to be civil at a time where a state of emergency has been declared.

I think we should not only beware of the idea of March, we should beware 366 days of the year.

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Mic Check 1-2

Microphone check 1-2, 1-2

Microphone check 1-2, 1-2

M.A. is not MIA and so we gon party like it’s your birthday. So go shorty, it’s your birthday. We gon party like it’s your first day. First day of school on your bday and all your friends get to celebrate.

In the mix of all of this, mounds of emotions is swirling, unpredictable, confusing and inflexible. It’s scriptural. We are hard pressed, but not crushed. Perplexed but not in despair struck down but not destroyed. Fiery darts from enemies and friends– you never had to feel this and that is one of the silver linings to a life that never got to begin.

We say your name every day when we pray. But it’s rough the twins say we don’t visit you enough. Yeah we go on your birthday but that is usually the only day.

So for the future that something we will fix with the quickness. We know you not in that grave, it’s only a resting place. Still when I close my eyes I can see your little face.

Now you 12. Your little body capable of making little babies, maybe? Would you be grown or still my little girl? Would you be smart in math and showing other Hidden Figures?

What would be the song that we would dance to? Send me a song celestially that we dance to, sent directly by you. We will dance in our spirits and until I feel our hearts touch and that’s better than a human touch.

We all miss you and think about you. It’s not the same without you. Yeah we sing and try to move on, but how can you sing when the music isn’t on?

My heart sits here heavy with the weight of the world? Are you looking down, can you get a good view? Do I make you proud or disappoint you? Like a hapless dog, I case my tail to no avail. But we have blessings on blessings even when we fail.

As tough as it gets, we never quit! We shall prevail and conquer all. We’ve lost our joy and skies our gray, but we find strength in brand new mercies and look forward to the next day.

They say tomorrow never dies, so I close mine and look deep into your eyes. I find the strength to carry-on. You 12 today. It’s your bday. And we gone celebrate my little ladybug. You are not here, but feel this electronic, virtual, reach through the heavens hug. Hope you know that Daimyo always have and I always will love you.

#MayaAlisia 9/3/2019


They say it’s what between in the dash

But what if it’s nothing in that space

9/3-9/3 really nothing for people to see

Puts life perspective in a precarious place.

I still see your face and have to wonder what would it look like now. See you changing from a little girl to a little lady. What would your personality be? What would be your speciality?

I will remember you over a cup of cocoa today. Say your names to the heavens and let your spirit fill the atmosphere and change how I feel from despair to hope.

I miss you much, but glad you never felt the pain of this world. Can I admit the truth, I think you were the lucky one. From the womb to the heavens. From Love to Perfected Love. There can be no error in perfection. But their can be pain. Maya Alisia Year 11 and your name remain on our lips and in our heart, your spirit has never left and will never part. In that way we are eternally connected. Your departure just changed my role from the protector to the protected.

Dash, in a dash to the hospital from our home.

In a dash your water broke and shattered your protective dome.

In a dash you weren’t breathing. In a dash you were here. In a dash you was gone. After 11 years, I still don’t know what went wrong.

In a dash our lives turned upside down. We grieved in different ways and went our different ways. In a dash your memory revived our friendship and in a dash we had be brought back together by a twinship.

In a dash, one day went to 11 years, seemingly overnight. A terror from the night, that is a reality I don’t know how to fight. It doesn’t take long for a dash to make an impact, so though your dash was small it was not insignificant. You Maya Alisia Orr-Smith are brilliant and magnificent.

In a dash you were gone, but your never away. September 3rd that falls on Labor Day always makes me feel a certain type of way. This how you entered and exited today, 11 years ago. You are thought of everyday, but especially on this day. It’s the Maya Alisia show and on September 3rd you will always know, what your dash meant to us. Physical dimensions can seemingly separate us, but nothing can separate us because we are bound by love. Love is my religion and it passes all mortal comprehension.

If a day is a thousand years and thousand years a day, we will all be together in a dash. Your single day, was like a thousand years in my heart. Your dash did make an impact.

What the World Needs Now 

This program taught me five valuable lessons:

1. Children need our support and guidance. When each of these children spotted their family, the look of love and joy could melt the hardest heart. 

2. Our teachers are put in thankless positions.  They need more love, support and pay.  The soloist didn’t show up and these educators filled in admirably. 

3. Our children are beautiful together in their own world. It’s a shame what growing up will do to their minds and hearts.  

4. The school is very diverse, but all of the teachers are female and predominantly white. ​​

5. The world needs love and someone to lead on. These children spoke/song in multiple languages, genres and eras where grandparents, parents, students could all sing in harmony and unison. 

May we all help to create the world of love together. 

Me and Myself

Independence is a great thing!! Every country celebrates the day of its beginning. Every child eagerly awaits the day they turn 18 to finally be legally emancipated into adulthood. Now, to be grown has its heavy responsibilities, but it is also carriers the wonderful gift of Freedom. Freedom to breathe. Freedom of choice. Freedom to move. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!!! 

Well, imagine if freedom never came. What if your whole life was destined to only the darkness of servitude. For many children (and their descendants) of the diaspora this was a grave dark reality. With the Emancipation of 1863 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 many rights were restored and granted. However, the evidence of the indoctrination from centuries of capitivity is revealed in the lost of language, family names and culture.  So, when the ability to be free came for our ancestors, many choices could not be made because they were lost in the annals of a history, forever. 

Circa 1966 when Kwanzaa was invented and the Nguzo Saba gave us seven principles to help reconnect with our African heritage. On the second day being that of  Kujichagulia: Self Determination. The ability to define and name ourselves. To create for ourselves and speak for ourselves. For any person, freedom and independence is as essential to the health of the mind as air is to the body and lungs. 

On my Sankofa (Go back and Get It) pilgrimage to Ghana Africa. I was given a new name from Chief Nana Kow Amoasi III of my new village of the Efutu Mampon people. Kweku Akyirefi was the name given to me. And, it felt like a new birth, baptismal, and reawakening. My new name literally means, he who is born on a Wednesday and  and he who hates dirt (injustice) and is a connector of people. 

I wear this name with pride; in fact, with  more pride than the name of my birth— because it was a choice for me to ask for it, accept it and wear it. As this second day of Kwanzaa is reflected on by many Americans of African descent, it is important that we all recognize the beauty of freedom. Whatever name we choose to wear. Whatever ways we choose to define ourselves. Whatever ways we choose to speak for ourselves- let us do it in a way to set a foundation for future generations; but, even more in a way to show respect for our elders and a veneration for our ancestors. 

Habari Gani? Kujichagulia 

The artist formerly known as Ramel Smith 

Kweku Akyirefi 

Positive Outlook is Everything……
A young student at Marquette University, Austin Moutry, is doing something about all the negativity in the world, he has tapped into the powerful source of constant positive thinking. Through a clothing line and a simple statement 

How many times have we’ve been told to keep our POisE during a difficult situation? Well his clothing is designed to remind us of that concept every time we (or someone else) looks at our chest or sleeve or head. 

Austin stated that Posiitive Outlook is Everything! A junior at MU, he is spreading hope, love and positivity when so many institutions and people are spreading chaos, confusion, division and negativity. 

We all face problems in life, but our outlook   is what will help us to overcome— or more readily succumb—impossible situations. It is nice to know that the next generation can keep their “POisE” because we need it today!!

I always end my show with the message, “the best way to heal yourself is to help others.” Well with this article, I think I just healed myself a little. 

Keep your POisE