They say it’s what between in the dash

But what if it’s nothing in that space

9/3-9/3 really nothing for people to see

Puts life perspective in a precarious place.

I still see your face and have to wonder what would it look like now. See you changing from a little girl to a little lady. What would your personality be? What would be your speciality?

I will remember you over a cup of cocoa today. Say your names to the heavens and let your spirit fill the atmosphere and change how I feel from despair to hope.

I miss you much, but glad you never felt the pain of this world. Can I admit the truth, I think you were the lucky one. From the womb to the heavens. From Love to Perfected Love. There can be no error in perfection. But their can be pain. Maya Alisia Year 11 and your name remain on our lips and in our heart, your spirit has never left and will never part. In that way we are eternally connected. Your departure just changed my role from the protector to the protected.

Dash, in a dash to the hospital from our home.

In a dash your water broke and shattered your protective dome.

In a dash you weren’t breathing. In a dash you were here. In a dash you was gone. After 11 years, I still don’t know what went wrong.

In a dash our lives turned upside down. We grieved in different ways and went our different ways. In a dash your memory revived our friendship and in a dash we had be brought back together by a twinship.

In a dash, one day went to 11 years, seemingly overnight. A terror from the night, that is a reality I don’t know how to fight. It doesn’t take long for a dash to make an impact, so though your dash was small it was not insignificant. You Maya Alisia Orr-Smith are brilliant and magnificent.

In a dash you were gone, but your never away. September 3rd that falls on Labor Day always makes me feel a certain type of way. This how you entered and exited today, 11 years ago. You are thought of everyday, but especially on this day. It’s the Maya Alisia show and on September 3rd you will always know, what your dash meant to us. Physical dimensions can seemingly separate us, but nothing can separate us because we are bound by love. Love is my religion and it passes all mortal comprehension.

If a day is a thousand years and thousand years a day, we will all be together in a dash. Your single day, was like a thousand years in my heart. Your dash did make an impact.

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