Positive Outlook is Everything……

A young student at Marquette University, Austin Moutry, is doing something about all the negativity in the world, he has tapped into the powerful source of constant positive thinking. Through a clothing line and a simple statement P.O.is.E. 

How many times have we’ve been told to keep our POisE during a difficult situation? Well his clothing is designed to remind us of that concept every time we (or someone else) looks at our chest or sleeve or head. 

Austin stated that Posiitive Outlook is Everything! A junior at MU, he is spreading hope, love and positivity when so many institutions and people are spreading chaos, confusion, division and negativity. 

We all face problems in life, but our outlook   is what will help us to overcome— or more readily succumb—impossible situations. It is nice to know that the next generation can keep their “POisE” because we need it today!!

I always end my show with the message, “the best way to heal yourself is to help others.” Well with this article, I think I just healed myself a little. 

Keep your POisE


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