M.A. that makes a Decade

It’s been a decade
10 long years
10 years filled with tears
Tiny face: Memories don’t fade
Memories don’t disappear
2017 Father of the Year
your name in my biography
Mental movies Mental photography
distant in proximity
in my heart,
we share the same geography

My little girl walks with the ancestors
sitting on the laps of both your
granddaddies. bouncing and laughing
feeling real happy.
And, it takes me a while but that makes me smile
knowing your protected my child
Laughing because you probably protecting us
We think of you everyday- TRUST!

Trust- One day we will meet again.
Trust- A love undying to the end
Trust- TEAM SMITH is not complete without you
Trust- Team Smith misses child number 2
Trust- the pain never goes away
but pillars helps us get through the day

that’s the base, the foundation of the family
Next pillars we know we need HONESTY and POSITIVITY
Benevolence because it is not about us
Great power given to us:
FRIENDSHIP and KINDNESS is what builds us
RESPONSIBILITY to us all is a must
All hands down, All hands in
something missing from the picture you see
what would you add, Duck and Mookie
screams CREATIVITY!!

I wonder what you would have added
your presence is missed
let me send you a cosmic kiss
today no bliss. No bliss today
No cake today MA is MIA
This earthly home was too little for
your cosmic spirit.
So all the ways to Heavens,
I hope you can hear this
synchronize your angelic heartbeat
to be in tune with the whole family.
Send us a blessing to cover our hurts
Guide us with a light to walk the righteous path
Guard your siblings. They need an angel to have their back

We say your name
Maya Alisa
Future Present Past
Here or not here
I hope you can hear
you will always be here.

Here in our hearts
loved stored
below and above
Here above the mundane matters
that we think really matter

Here below the skies
the stars are your eyes
Here on earth I see you everyday
A little bit of joy sprinkled
in the connection of two boys.
Spiritually minded- twin like connection
Here is where you find it
Separation from my hand
Not separated from my soul

My heart, My love, My walk, My thoughts
Here today is your day
You’ll always be with us
Here today and everyday
That you can believe

Happy Birth Anniversary little MA
Catch your ballons… 10 just for you
Always remember, the Daimyo loves you!!

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