Elite Eight

September 3, 2015

Maya Alisia
my little Mona Lisa

Today you are Eight and that should be great
Except it’s hard to celebrate when you have to
introduce your daughter as the late great because she
lived only in the womb and ironically became your first tomb

The only day of memories of you in the flesh
is holding a still and lifeless baby
who had already breathed her last breath

Every day, but especially at this time I
think how would you look and how would you be
still would have that little girl head
but growing adult teeth. Smiling at your smile
imaging your embrace wondering if you have me
or your momma’s look on your face

How would you get along with your sisters?
How would you get along with your brothers?
How would you learn from Penny and vibe with Mookie
Could you be patient with the twins,
if you were here would we even have the twins?

Would you be sweet and full of gratitude
Would would you be a sista girl with crazy attitude?
How would you look in tap dance or ballet
Could you rock-out and whip and Nae Nae?

Life travails
Life is sick
Love prevails
time untells
the tears behind the veil

Yet we move on
not that we are so strong
but the fact that we just have to move on

So Happy Born Day
it finished before it started
but forever lives in my heart
Enshrined in perfection
No need for correction
Your song we will always sing
Joy you will always bring
I was suppose to protect you,
but now ask you
Cover us with your angelic wings

How long do I love you?
I love you to death
and even after death……


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