Rest Often. Rest Well. 

Fatigue is sneaky scary. It makes you believe you are going on a different speed. It is as toxic as any other mind altering drug that puts you in a state of compromise. 

Lack of rest will put your dreams in an eternal state of rest. Lack of sleep keeps you mentally weak and vulnerable. 

In an age of technology where our devices need to be charged constantly, we need to learn how to recharge our greatest device– our brain.  A conscious driver never let’s the car get past a half tank of gas before it is refueled because the car is more efficient the closer it is to Full. We would be wise to learn from these drivers and those electronic devices. 

Everyone’s body needs a different amount of rest, find your optimal level and veer not away from the formula that brings you continual success.

Was going to write some more, but I’m tired. Going to rest, now. 


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