My pillow wet from tears

Paranoid insomniac betrayed by my fears. 

Racism and oppression for years and years

Ruined, so many lives and careers. 

The world is so ugly both inside and out

We spew venom into our brothers mouth

It’s sad that we are not able to see we are Cain and Able. Though we are able to correct, we act disabled and reject. Reject the sanity, though we pause for moments of lucidity, we quickly return to our absurdity. 

What makes ugly scary is that it retaliates and retaliates until all is ate. All is lost. Even Pyrrhic victories show the cost was at too great a cost. 

I fight ugly with my smile. But alone, I can only fight ugly for a short while. I need an army of beautiful people to help me kill and bury ugly in an ugly pile. 

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