Too Sunny

Ever been driving and the sun blinded you so much you needed to put on sunglasses or pull the visor down?

No one would argue the importance of the sun or the needed Vitamin D that come from the beautiful sun rays.

However, let me submit for your consideration the need for moderation. In a world of over consumption, we can have so much of a good thing that it blinds us to the immediate task ahead.

Too many blessings? How can that be bad? It’s not bad, but we all need to understand that there is a point where too much can become harmful. For example, food is necessary- but at a

buffet the very food that stops the hunger pangs, can create a different belly problem if we overindulge.

The sun is brilliant. It is too much for us to have in totality. The same is for everything in life. We need it. We want it, but we need the right amount because too much is just as dangerous as too little.

Count your blessings today. Appreciate what you have. Guard against conspicuous consumption and even more against invidious consumption. Blessings can easily turn into curses. I will close with the Chinese Proverb…. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!

Bottom Line: Enjoy the sun, just don’t get burnt, my beloved.

Blessings and Prayers

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