Real Reality

Reality becomes clouded and misguided when we lose ourselves in hopeless optimism. The type of optimism that has sailed passed the land of impossible into the abyss of fantasy island.

I will always support one’s dream off the impossible, but to tell a person they can do anything is a sure set up for failure and insanity. Our hopes and dreams should be attached to our gifts and talents. When on our course of destiny, the seemingly impossible is made more than possible and can become a ‘beautiful against the odds’ reality.

Conversely, when one goes astray and attempts the ridiculous, it is like jumping out of a plane and believing you can “will” yourself to fly.

Bottom Line: We can all do things that we are told we can’t do. We should also understand that even with the breath and depth of our talents, some domains were not put on our map to conquer. The key is to be prudent enough to understand the space of realistic reality and fantasy reality. Success is inevitable when you do you. Failure is inevitable when you go outside of you, beloved.

Blessings and Prayers

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