Often time we will ask others: “What should I do?” This never made real sense to me. Who can be more informed about a decision on you, than yourself. Don’t get me wrong, seeking advice and counsel can be wise on certain matters. However, I am talking about intimate matters.

Intimate matters do not require advice. Intimate matters do not require counsel. Intimate matters do not require a collaboration of the minds with the sages of the time. Intimate matters are usually personal moral questions where the true answer is already known. The real question is, whether one will or will not bend their moral compass for a moment to engage in behavior outside their normal character.

This is where one’ inner circle is important. If you have an inner circle of morally compromised individuals, every rationalization and justification will be given to help anesthetize your conscious temporarily. If your inner circle is comprised of individuals who care and will help protect you from you, then their advice should help straighten that compass. In the end it is still up to the individual.

The real decision is: Who will you surround yourself with and who will you listen to in the end?

The real answer is: You. In the end, no matter what others say, you will do what you decide. And, with no one or no substance to blame.

Decide wisely, beloved.

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