The Sunshine of My Life

Seven ways to seek perfection
Close my eyes for a divinely inspired reflection
If I listen close, I swear I hear you call my name
Daimyo echoing all the time inside of my brain.

Maya Alisia or should I call you little Smith
your presence is always felt
Every time I think of you my heart doesn’t break
it just melts………
Like butter into pancakes your
soul into my soul
September 3rd… retelling a story that was never told

Your siblings who never met you
always call your name
And its like music to my ears
I see you in every picture frame

All the Smith girls have a special song
and they get a little nightly dance
Me and you never got that chance
On this day I will correct this wrong

Since my Joie is in the Skye
And you are the Apple of my eye
Forever you are in my heart
In those in these tears
I sometimes would drown
Now in them I float swimmingly
because I know you are around

An angel always in the sky
The apple of my eye
I realized though you died
you really didn’t die
You live, forever, in my heart
and remain the sunshine of my life

I wish it was different and
you were here
And when God would whisper why
I’d turn my head because the answer
I didn’t want to hear

Time doesn’t ease the pain
It just has given me more time
to accept what I refused to once accept
Earthly death is such a strange concept
But I pray for a peace that pass all understanding
Because this I’m still not understanding…
but only when I look at it through an earthly lens

Energy never dies, it transcends all
transfers time and space. You don’t have to be in my
face to be right in my face
Euphoric effervescence
I no longer pretend to feel your presence
because I feel your presence

Understanding the flesh and the spirit is one in the same
So, I say I SEE YOU Maya Alisia
And feel your heavenly hug all the same
Still human so still a little sad
But still blessed to have 5 call me Dad
But don’t call me Dad, call me Daimyo like the rest do
and know in flesh or in spirit…. The Daimyo loves you!!

Happy Seventh B-Day Maya Alisia
And know you are the sunshine of my life……

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