Championship Decisions

I can say without a doubt, I am SPECIAL. I am not special, because I was chosen. However, I am special because I chose to do what I was chosen to do. Marianne Williamson stated it correctly… “We are all special. We were all meant to shine.” The problem is, sadly, some people do not know how special they are to the world. And, consequently, act in an unspectacular fashion.

Our mission must now become to open the eyes of every sentient being in the early developmental stages of life, to let them know they are loved and needed. Very few people are born without a conscious and without compassion; yet, many are created by the poison and vile we nurse and feed our delicate and vulnerable populations.

When we learn that we are truly special and that greatness is our destiny and not an option or choice; individuals will act like and, eventually, become champions. When a Championship mindset is set and shaped, we can expect Championship decisions and Championship results.

Champions know they are special. They act that way and people treat them accordingly. Let’s breed and raise a generation of champions for perpetual success.

This is an excerpt from the new book entitled “Championship Decisions” by Dr. Ramel L. Smith

Blessings and Prayers

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