It Matters

Race Matters, Self Matters……. “It” does matter, whatever that is for each individual. Life is about priorities. Whatever is most important to us, should be given our utmost respect, time, and consideration. Drs. West and Phil knew what matter to them and explained it very well in their books. But, what happens when we don’t find it or don’t respect it. We wander around aimlessly looking for it, hoping we found it, shocked when we realize, after lost time, it was not it.

How to find it…. Do what comes naturally. Do what brings you and other pleasure, within the realm of the law and morality. Do what is in your heart. Do what is a recurring dream in the back closet in your mind.

Whatever you do, don’t do what you have been doing if you are in a constant state of frustration walking in a maze with a minotaur at every turn. Our job is to find our work. Our work is that “it.” Find it. And do it to death…………

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