Wind Power

The wind may power me,
The wind cannot direct me.
It’s power is strong, but the direction
is unpredictable and may lead you wrong.
An in invisible force that must be respected
Alter your sails, so the direction can be corrected.

Understand perfection is unattainable,
That is not even what it is about.
Every champ has doubt and even
When knocked down. They know they are
Not knocked out. Defeated not conquered.
We lose to learn lessons. We overcome trials
To reduce future stressing. When we overcome,
We are blessed to be continual blessings.

Ali said he was the greatest and then he lost.
He didn’t change his song, because he knew it
Was how he responded, would write the next
Verse for his song. But his chorus never changed the hook
Because the title I Am the Greatest……….
was still the title of the book

Write your own destiny
Your journey is only limited
To what you allow yourself to see.
You can be defeated, but never conquered.

Being powered by the wind, means you have an invisible
Power that will push you to win. Just control your direction
And let the power of the wind be your friend.

Blessings and Prayers

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