The critically acclaimed feature film Crash is amazingly enlightened. This film show how so many people are interconnected: how we share awesome hurts, shared family pains, have dreams unrealized, romantic conflicts and a destiny to achieve.

The lesson it teaches is that as people we are connected, and the loss of connection through the advances in our society through technology has created a missing void. In the depths of our being we have to be linked even if the interaction is only created by a crash. In this definition, crash is a hostile conflict. We too often fight our brothers. In the end we all lose. Most people are in such a rush in this microwave immediate gratification society.

I have found that rudeness in good people is not uncommon. Most people don’t seek conflict, but in their rush and scurried pace any interference and disruption causes frustration. The frustration manifests into rude behavior in verbal and sometimes physical acts.

We have to slow down. This will avoid the crash. Then we must consciously seek positive interaction to fulfill our need to connect and touch.

Bottom Line: Slow Down. Most are in a rush to leave those whom they love to complete a task not as important as we make it out to be.

Blessings and Prayers

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