I often speak with people who are in a state of despair. When this happens, it feels as though they are stuck in a cement block. Trying to move proves draining and useless. The effort is there, but no results.

Two choices: Work diligently to improve the condition or accept the current circumstances.

The great coach John Wooden stated “don’t confuse activity with productivity.” If your actions produce no results, change your tactics and not your will to change.

Being stationary is dangerous, because we can make a home of it. And, the longer we remain in this position the more difficult it becomes to move. We, sadly, lose our will to change. Then lose our will to even care.

When our emotional cupboards are bare, we have to borrow from others. When you have lost sight of your goal, mission and passion; align yourself with someone who has not. Find a new battery to get you mentally recharged. It can come in the fashion of books, television, social media or even “real people.”

Past positive memories are a possible direction to where to rediscover the love. New challenges and opportunities also can provide a kick start.

Hope is only lost for those who choose not to find it or die trying to find it. I pray you find it. Get moving, beloved.

Blessings and Prayers


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