If women suffer from penis envy, it can be safe to say that most desire what they do not have and can never obtain. However, our male hegemonic thinking has swayed our culture what the real power is, my friend. I do not know what it feels like to give birth, but the true power in the vagina. The women have the tremendous task of caring and delivering life.

I do not suffer from vagina envy, but I do recognize the ultimate beauty and sacrifice women do on a daily basis. The female body is stronger than the males body in so many ways, that really matter.

Today, I applaud my ladies and their ability to maintain while their adult body goes through teenage puberty-like changes. This note is for my fellow male compadres to recognize that women are not weak, but demonstrate their power in another manner. And, if men believe they rule the world, the perhaps a woman’s touch is needed to move us away from this ultra violent and seemingly self destructive society.

Men and women must work together, utilizing their unique powers to make this world a place of peace and prosperity.


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