The pain runs so deep, the truth long denied. The tears are here, but inside me paralyzed.

Labor pain turn to labor pangs. There are songs never written and those written; but, never sang.

My hurt is shared by few, for my dear unborn

I am not sure if they know Still Born means you were STILL BORN.

Yet, I am left to reminisce with no memories of a kiss.

No real face only a tiny little frame that came from a labor

that produce so little pain, but yet the greatest pangs.

Anticipation of the future burst with a leaking water bag. Helpless to help, I am too numb to even feel sad.

We walk through the motions pretending to be strong

Just waiting for the moment to be alone so I don’t have to fake like I’m strong.

Afraid of the pain, I ran like a coward. Retreated into selfishness. Even mad at GOD, so full of bitterness.

I wanted to box but found my arms were too short, so I got on my knees and asked “Please, remove my hurt.”

Today you would be six and all six years, you I have missed

Wondering what you would look like on Fox’s who’s turning 6.

Then I think back and feel I was robbed; Never got to see the dreams in my mind manifest

One picture of you in mind only exist.

But there you are—Frozen in Perfection.

My baby daughter,

My guardian angel,

My heavenly protection.

This year, I will not cry, I will not ask why?

Don’t think I will ever fully understand; but, I recognize your in better hands.

Taking like Enoch, it makes me smile. My child was so perfect, ALL-THAT-I-AM wanted to keep my child.

Our loss is Heaven’s gain. And I kept my promise to you, that I will always remember your name

Tough your not here in the flesh we still celebrate your day.

Daimyo loves you and wishes you the Happiest Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Maya Alisia


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