Wrote Myself a Ticket

Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding? Ever had an unpaid bill you did not realize until you got that annoying call or letter? I am sure at some time in your life, you had to pay for something out of the blue that you did not have on the radar. Hopefully, these events happen few and far in-between. However, when they do arise, I always think to myself what I could have done with that money– for me. Well, I started an escrow accout of sorts for unsuspected financial calamities. The goal is to put enough money in the kitty for every quarter of the year. When the year rolls by and the kitty is unused, I allow myself to use 25% of the funds for me and roll over the other 75% for the next year. If something arises, I am not in a financial strain– but if I escape without any major issues. I reward myself with a ticket. Yes, I write myself a ticket; and, pay myself. Now, I can do whatever I want with this money. I do this because it helps me with saving, saving for rainy days, and also the pleasure of splurging responsibily.

I pray multiple and consistent disasters hide from you. Don’t write yourself too many tickets.

Blessings and Prayers

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