The awesomely destructive force of a tornado will quickly remind us of what is really important;and, how precious life and relationships can be gone in less than a moments notice.

We go through life stressed about things that are not important and put those things that matter on the bottom of the things to do list. Let us learn from the horrific tragedy in Oklahoma and grab our families and friends and forgive an heal wounds that are old.

Today’s society is filled with man made disasters and terrorism; we really don’t know where the next tragedy is coming from— we just know it is coming. Be prepared to loose yourself from some of the needless material comforts we have grown to overly love and devilishly desire; and, turn our attention and focus on the precious moments we have and maximize the time we have, whether it be 80 years or 80 minutes, beloved.

The Bottom Line: appreciate the moment by understanding what is really important. And pray for our friends in OK and pray they will be OK!

Blessings and Prayers

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