False Stigma

You would not call a student dumb for going to school and learning from a teacher. When we see an older person go back to school to get an education because they blew it the first time, we applaud them because we know how hard it is and the courage it took for them to start back.

Then why do we call people who go see a therapist crazy. Therapy is just another form of learning. A life coach to help equip you through life challenges. Mental Health should learn from schools. Lets start early and we can reduce some preventable problems.

Just as stupid as it would be to call someone dumb for going to school, it is silly to call someone crazy for seeing a therapist. In fact, by going to school it makes you smart. And, by going to therapy it makes you more sane.

Bottom Line: If crazy is the term we will use, then only crazy people do not have a mental health practitioner to see on a regular basis.


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