The definition of Failure

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first. — William Shakespeare

To run a marathon, one may practice by doing sprints. However, if you begin your race in that way– you are destined for failure.
In this case, failure is the inability to maximize your potential. If we used this as the new definition, many people would find themselves unable to brag on what they did accomplish. If one can get an A in a class, a B is not something to brag about or be proud of, my friend. Just as school has markers, we have other real markers in life, but sadly we are content if we have more than others or more than what we thought we would initially get.

In this case, it is okay to get greedy. DOuble up on the crap table of life and go beyond what you even chartered or imagined. Success can never truly be measured until you are dead. The question becomes, Did I do enough with what I was given?

Be Successful

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