Letters are a good start for those not skilled in the Art

 A letter is appropriate when you want someone to fully digest your thoughts. Excessive talking had the potential to choke them. They will vomit your words and that energy will be wasted. The written word allows for the meal to be regurgitated and re chewed numerous times until all the meaning is extracted. Small conversations should proceed from these key points. 

When dialogues become separate monologues, it may be time to try another form of communication. Some wrongly believe that written language is cowardly. This belief has some merit, but if the goal is to effectively communicate- why not start at a point that is comfortable for both parties. You can erase a sentence, but you can’t erase words already spoken. Still, in the end a face to face is necessary, but hopefully then the excessive negative emotion can be replaced with rational minded individuals who are skilled enough to participate in the art of communication.  


What and How…….

The words you share are magnified–or minimized–by the amount of conviction, love and truth that resonates with the receiver. 

The Irony of Success

Most people aren’t happy with success because they mis-define it from the start. Those who never achieve this ill-defined definition of success die in a blissful ignorance. Those unfortunate enough to reach high levels of success understand that the supposed fulfillment of dreams have begun the manifestations of a nightmare they never imagined.

It’s not that the goal was wrong, per se. Pride should and can be taken for a Herculean accomplishment. However, when motives are naive, ignorant or delusional, it is impossible to find infinite contentment in any success paradigm that only had finite expressions of happiness.

The question is: What is success? Is it winning a championship? Graduating with an advanced degree? A bank account that can’t be exhausted in three generations? The admiration and cheers of millions of people whom you never met? On the rationale side: Is it being a good citizen that fails to disturb the status quo? Settling for the quiet and simpler enjoyments of life? Is it following all the ethical and moral standards of organized religion?

These questions in itself are part of the problem. Success has no cookie cutter question or answer. All sentient beings have very specific missions and an idiosyncratic approach must be taken. It is easy to let others define what success is; and, for us to falsely act as though we are content when we obtained these short lived treasures.

It is each persons life mission to find their mission and to the best of their ability to satisfy that mission. Only then, will we learn that success is recorded in small chunks, every second of every minute. Only then, will we learn that the all elusive goal of success is truly an Uncatchable Phantom. Success is to be chased never obtained. What is the fun in reaching the end? Unparalleled joy comes in understanding we don’t know it all and will never know it all; but, still trying to know as much as possible. The key is finding the carrot that we never get tired of chasing…..

My loved ones, I know not what success is or means to you. But, I can tell you this, if you can hold it or touch it, it may bring you fleeting moments of bliss and happiness, but it is not authentic and true success. It is merely motivation to keep us moving on a larger unreachable mission. The irony of success is, we never reach it. But, in never reaching it, we stay in eternal ecstasy because the key to success is not in achieving it, it’s in doing it –and not even consciously knowing we are doing it– Doing what? That which moves the needle for us, without inflicting harm on the innocent.

Those things that come naturally to us are the hint from infinite intelligence that guides us to which journey we shall take. We learn, we fail, we grow. The more we fall, the more we learn and grow. The axiom is true, it was never about reaching the destination…. It was always about the Journey.

Set and reach tangible goals. It is good and necessary. Just understand that is merely momentary gratification to keep you motivated on your true mission. Let no one- not even this writer- define success for you. Just be careful you don’t define it improperly for yourself, my loved ones. Enjoy your journey!!

Blessings and Prayers

Budget Request

If the “budget” is balanced, your 2 cents are not needed.
Listen carefully to see if your additional comments are needed to help balance the conversation. Never waste your money, beloved. And understand your words can be worth millions…… or
cost you millions.

Blessings and Prayers


Some lessons are taught
Some lessons are bought
Some lessons are repeated
Some lessons get completed

Learn the first time
But some are unforgiven
And don’t allow for a second time

Shortcuts usually lead to a delayed journey
Listen to those who share their wisdom
And appreciate that session
It is indeed a blessing.


Play it safe, if you are content with mediocrity.


To create a plan and not follow it, is even more futile than never creating it. If you have the discipline to start it, have the courage, endurance and strength to take it to completion.

Too Late

The irony of too late is we don’t act upon it or realize it until the problem is TOO LATE.

The N word

One of the ugliest words. Let’s remove the N from the word of NEVER. Once we remove it, it should teach us it may take a while to obtain our goal, but it is never impossible. It is ever possible!


To keep something precious, never touch it. When you get comfortable and familiar with anything it loses the special luster of being “untouchable.”
The reaching is the thrill. The actual attainment of most items reveal the ordinariness of what was falsely given extraordinary qualities.

Pure items and relationships are assets that appreciate. If the value of the desired item or relationship depreciates in time, it was fool’s gold that could only bring momentary excitement.

Beloved, try not to waste valuable time on items that only have a value based on novelty. Ironically, TIME is the true gem. Spend it on things that make you feel good, make you better and helps you to better others, my loved ones.

Blessings and Prayers


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