“The Best Way to Heal Yourself is to Help Others”

Dr. Smith understands the reciprocal effect of our actions. It is a concept that is universally recognized. Christians refer to it as ‘Sowing and Reaping.” Buddhists refer to it as Karma. Agnostics refer to it as the universal law of reciprocity. The law of return is a concept that transcends race, culture, sex, religious affiliation, and other separating demographics. The foundation of Smith’s theoretical orientation is rooted in the cognitive behavioral approach, but he effectively employs an eclectic arsenal tailored made for the person or situation. His personal philosophy revolves around the fact that all sentient beings need help– in some form of fashion. And, interestingly, he has learned the more we help others, the more we really heal ourselves.
We Must Continue to Lift as We Climb

In order for one to be in a position to help others, one needs to fortify three areas in their life: The Mind, The Body, and The Soul. These entities are equally important. When any of the three are not properly cared for, one is not able to achieve their maximum potential. The training style formulated by Smith is designed to enrich your mind, strengthen the body, and edify the wounds of the soul. Dr. Smith is often referred to as the “Total Package or TP” by his family, friends and colleagues. The title of “TP” was bequeathed upon him because he embodies the Mind, Body, Soul paradigm that he presents and teaches. Full of confidence, but free of arrogance; Dr. Smith willingly accepts the Total Package title, but reiterates he is not the Perfect Package. He understands he is on a never ending journey of self-improvement and self-enlightenment that requires he continues on the arduous journey to climb this mountain we call life; yet, he understands his responsibility to continue to lift others in the process.


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