Championship Decisions

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I can say without a doubt, I am SPECIAL. I am not special, because I was chosen. However, I am special because I chose to do what I was chosen to do. Marianne Williamson stated it correctly… “We are all special. We were all meant to shine.” The problem is, sadly, some people do not know how special they are to the world. And, consequently, act in an unspectacular fashion.

Our mission must now become to open the eyes of every sentient being in the early developmental stages of life, to let them know they are loved and needed. Very few people are born without a conscious and without compassion; yet, many are created by the poison and vile we nurse and feed our delicate and vulnerable populations.

When we learn that we are truly special and that greatness is our destiny and not an option or choice; individuals will act like and, eventually, become champions. When a Championship mindset is set and shaped, we can expect Championship decisions and Championship results.

Champions know they are special. They act that way and people treat them accordingly. Let’s breed and raise a generation of champions for perpetual success.

This is an excerpt from the new book entitled “Championship Decisions” by Dr. Ramel L. Smith

Blessings and Prayers

It Matters

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Race Matters, Self Matters……. “It” does matter, whatever that is for each individual. Life is about priorities. Whatever is most important to us, should be given our utmost respect, time, and consideration. Drs. West and Phil knew what matter to them and explained it very well in their books. But, what happens when we don’t find it or don’t respect it. We wander around aimlessly looking for it, hoping we found it, shocked when we realize, after lost time, it was not it.

How to find it…. Do what comes naturally. Do what brings you and other pleasure, within the realm of the law and morality. Do what is in your heart. Do what is a recurring dream in the back closet in your mind.

Whatever you do, don’t do what you have been doing if you are in a constant state of frustration walking in a maze with a minotaur at every turn. Our job is to find our work. Our work is that “it.” Find it. And do it to death…………

Ready to Die

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Three young Hebrew boys

A new Queen on the scene

All willing to die

Their Issue is Our Problem.

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If you are working on a problem, the damage is already done. The key is to address the issue– before it becomes a problem. Until we become more proactive in recognition and prevention, we will continue to shake our heads wondering why; and, our legs will remain tired and weary while we exhaust ourselves on a hamster wheel that only allows us to address the current catastrophe.


Wind Power

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The wind may power me,
The wind cannot direct me.
It’s power is strong, but the direction
is unpredictable and may lead you wrong.
An in invisible force that must be respected
Alter your sails, so the direction can be corrected.

Understand perfection is unattainable,
That is not even what it is about.
Every champ has doubt and even
When knocked down. They know they are
Not knocked out. Defeated not conquered.
We lose to learn lessons. We overcome trials
To reduce future stressing. When we overcome,
We are blessed to be continual blessings.

Ali said he was the greatest and then he lost.
He didn’t change his song, because he knew it
Was how he responded, would write the next
Verse for his song. But his chorus never changed the hook
Because the title I Am the Greatest……….
was still the title of the book

Write your own destiny
Your journey is only limited
To what you allow yourself to see.
You can be defeated, but never conquered.

Being powered by the wind, means you have an invisible
Power that will push you to win. Just control your direction
And let the power of the wind be your friend.

Blessings and Prayers


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Most things in life are neutral. Most things are naturally benign. Most things are puppets. Things like cars, computers, pencils, etc…

They become weapons of destruction or instruments of healing when put in the hand of the animator. We, beloved, are the animators. The real question is how do we animate and personify these seemingly innocuous items? The items are not bad per se; but, the person that breathes life Ito them.

Before you write a letter, drive your car, or anything that will leave your fingerprints on the surface of the earth- remember, you are the decisive element; remember, you are the master of your fate; remember, your actions and words reverberate and echoes into eternity.

May your will to be good and do great things overpower the urge to think only of the present moment.

Blessings and Prayers


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The critically acclaimed feature film Crash is amazingly enlightened. This film show how so many people are interconnected: how we share awesome hurts, shared family pains, have dreams unrealized, romantic conflicts and a destiny to achieve.

The lesson it teaches is that as people we are connected, and the loss of connection through the advances in our society through technology has created a missing void. In the depths of our being we have to be linked even if the interaction is only created by a crash. In this definition, crash is a hostile conflict. We too often fight our brothers. In the end we all lose. Most people are in such a rush in this microwave immediate gratification society.

I have found that rudeness in good people is not uncommon. Most people don’t seek conflict, but in their rush and scurried pace any interference and disruption causes frustration. The frustration manifests into rude behavior in verbal and sometimes physical acts.

We have to slow down. This will avoid the crash. Then we must consciously seek positive interaction to fulfill our need to connect and touch.

Bottom Line: Slow Down. Most are in a rush to leave those whom they love to complete a task not as important as we make it out to be.

Blessings and Prayers


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